Synergy Medical Laboratories

Laboratory of 21st Century with Oldtime Values

SML for Physicians
Physician-friendly Laboratory – every aspect is highly customizable

  • Easy, hassle-free set-up at no cost
  • Phlebotomy: by office staff or SML staff at doctor’s office or testing center, patient workplace or home including STAT house or workplace calls
  • Ordering tests  and receiving results by fax, phone calls, smartphone applications, email, EMR, laboratory web portal or sending paper requisitions and receiving reports via courier
  • Unlimited test menu
  • Ultramodern, state-of-the art equipment
  • Quick reliable results
  • Full integration with any EMR at no cost
  • Unique complimentary physician and patient information/education module which leads to the physician and office staff saving time, while simultaneously enhancing patient satisfaction and compliance

SML for Patients
Patient-friendly Laboratory – every aspect is highly customizable

  • Phlebotomy at home, workplace or testing center, free of charge on short notice at a convenient time. Appointments could be made via phone or on the website
  • Highly experienced phlebotomists
  • Combining orders from, and sending reports to, multiple doctors
  • Quick result reporting to patients – via mail, fax, email, smart phone application or web portal
  • Unique complimentary Patient Education Module – patients will be able to understand what their normal and  abnormal results mean and how to  further protect  their health
  • Health-related news on SML website filtered by condition as per patients’ choice with real-time email notification  

ultramodern equipment

quick reliable results

easy customizable ordering and reporting by a variety of means

full integration with any EMR

unique physician information/education module

complimentary home and workplace phlebotomy

interactive result reporting to patients at the doctor’s approval

patient information/education module

ALL ABOVE leads to saving of physician's and office staff time and improves quality of patient care